Barcelona is in some ways the most French large city in Spain. Indeed, due to the proximity between the capital of Catalonia and France, there are many French people there. And unsurprisingly, there are many players of padel tricolors who will be present this week on the other side of the Pyrenees to participate in the FIP Rise which is being played in the city of Gaudi.

No less than 10 French people, returning from French team training course which ends this Tuesday in Perpignan, will make their debut in the main table.

At the girls, we will have the 100% tricolor pairs Barsotti / Invernon and Soubrié / Pothier, as well as a Franco-Belgian duo which looks promising: Ginier / Wyckaert.

At the garçons, we will also have two French teams, Seurin / Maigret and Vanbauce / Joris, but also a Franco-Spanish pair: Vives / Dorta Diaz.

Spain obliges, no tricolor inherits the status of top seed. Will French players be able to create surprises in this FIP Rise?

Note that there are also three French pairs in qualifications : Vincent / Hugounenq and Boronad / Fonteny for men, Vandaele / Detriviere for women. The young Boronad and Fonteny having withdrawn, they are 14 tricolor representatives who will participate in the competition.

The tables

Cuadro men

Cuadro women

Previas men

Previas ladies

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