It's a bit of a tradition now: the French generally travel in large numbers to Burriana when FIP Tour tournaments are played there. And this weekend’s FIP Rise is no exception to the rule.

For the girls, we first had three players in qualifying. If the Franco-Italian pair Buteau / Zaccagnini lost for their entry into the running (6/2 6/2 against Montel /), all hopes of a final draw are still allowed for Marianne Vandaele and Amélie Detriviere who are playing their second and last round of previas this evening from 17:00 p.m.

If they manage to win their match against the Spaniards Molina and Toledo, Marianne and Amélie will join no less than six French women already qualified for the checks. We will have three 100% tricolor pairs: Touly / Ginier, Invernon / Ligi and Pothier / Soubrié.

For the men, no pair in qualifying following the withdrawal of Boronad / Fonteny but seven players in the main draw, with the pairs Blanqué / Guichard, Moreau / De Meyer, Vives / Hugounenq and the Franco-Spanish duo Leygue / Montiel.

The main draw matches will begin this Friday.

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