Cordoba FIP Rise, last tournament of Juani Mieres' career is nearing the end, with the semi-finals being played this Thursday.

And among the gentlemen, we find the first three seeds in the last four. Despite tough wins in the first and second rounds, Mieres and Ramirez are well on their way to the semis, where they will face 3 seed Bautista/Gonzalez. The other meeting opposes the favorites Lamperti and Gil, intractable since the start of the competition, and the seeded 6 Pozo / Jerez.

Among the girls, following the TS1 package, the picture is more open. And in addition to pairs numbers 2 and 3, there are two pairs of outsiders. On one side the seeded 8, Lujan / De la Rosa, on the other the Argentinian pair Valenzuela / Montesi, who eliminated the last tricolor pair still in contention, Barsotti / Invernon, in the quarter-finals (3/6 6/3 6/4).

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