The French have fun in the qualifications of the FIP Rise Dubai 2024. Indeed, we will find two tricolor pairs this afternoon (from 18:00 p.m. French time) in the previa final.

The Sichez / Martelli duo, victorious over the Iranians Nejad Marian and Darafshi Ghahroudi in the second round (6/1 6/2), will face another Iranian, Roghani, and a Swede, Golestan.

Arthur Hugounenq and Pierre Vincent, after dominating the Iranian pair Hosseinzadeh Ateri / Jafari Pardasti (6/0 6/1), will find the seeded 4 in qualifying, Lacamore / Rodriguez, a Spanish-Argentinian pair. The match can be followed below from 18:00 p.m.

It's over, however, for Xavier Masson and the Spaniard Tupayachi, beaten by the Swiss Orloff and Lopez Muñoz in three sets (5/7 6/2 6/1).

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