For the third time in just over 24 hours, Fiona Ligi and Charlotte Soubrié win a three-set match in Marbella at the FIP Rise Diputacion de Malaga !

Under the Andalusian sun, the French pair, who were opposed to the Spaniards Guimet (187) and Oliveras (229) showed all their resources to come out of another big fight. However, nothing was won for the French duo who had lost the first set and who had to fight hard in the second set.

In the end, Charlotte and Fiona came out on top and won 4/6 7/6 (3) 6/3. A success which opens the doors to the final four for the last two French women still competing in Andalusia. Tomorrow, it is against the Spanish pair Pozuelo / Atencia that the French duo will try to qualify for the final. But before that, we will have to rest because we imagine that our legs will be very heavy this Friday evening...

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