There was some damage yesterday, FIP Rise Monaco, from twelve French people in competition for the first round of this tournament. Indeed, only six managed to qualify for the rest of the competition.

Today, the French players still present will try to qualify for the rest, that is, the quarter-finals.

Timéo Fonteny and Yoan Boronad honor their rescue

Young people Yoan Boronad et Timeo Fonteny come from qualifications. However, they did not manage to qualify for the final draw... but we were drafted after numerous withdrawals in the main draw.

For their first round, the young French people managed to honor their status as lucky loser by imposing 6 / 2 6 / 3 against the Dutch Ids Hannema (507) / Tygho Schoonus (963).

Today, the meeting promises to be complicated for Yoan and Timéo. They will meet the seeded 6, Jose Roman Martinez Sanchis (121) and Borja Yribarren Abecia (215).

Joris and Vanbauce disgust – again – Vives/Inzerillo

Obviously Man Vives et Jerome Inzerillo may well be better ranked than Maxime Joris et Thomas Vanbauce, they can't do it against the Bordelais.

Once again, Maxime Joris and Thomas Vanbauce overthrew their compatriots, who were seeded 4 in the tournament, by inflicting a severe 6 / 1 6 / 2.

The competition continues for Joris/Vanbauce who will play today against Teo Gamondi (306) / Rodrigo Coello Manso (237) (the little brother ofArturo Coello), fallers yesterday of Derek Gerson et Nathan Courrin.

Quiet victory for Guichard/Blanqué

The last French people qualified for the second round of FIP Rise Monaco are Bastien Blanqué and Dylan Guichard, who played late last night against Brian Cabrera (839) / Genaro Manuel Campuzano Vazquez (Unclassified).

The late hour did not bother the two players much as they easily won 6 / 3 6 / 3 facing their adversaries.

Today the frenchies will meet the Italians Daniele Catini (523) and Federico Galli (356).

Other results:

  • Derek Gerson / Nathan Courrin (Q) loses 6 / 3 6 / 2 against Teo Gamondi (306) / Rodrigo Coello Manso (237).
  • Ludovic Cancel / Benjamin Grue perd 4/6 6/4 6/1 against Nikhil Mohindra (498) / Samuel Jones (173) (TS9).

You will be able to follow the meeting between Maxime Joris / Thomas Vanbauce – Teo Gamondi / Rodrigo Coello Manso, in full on Padel MagTV, from 10:30 am :

You can also follow, from 12pm, the game Dylan Guichard / Bastien Blanqué – Daniele Catini / Federico Galli:

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