Bergeron / Tison and Collombon / Ginier: two French pairs who are among the favorites for the FIP Rise of Rome, who starts this Wednesday March 24, 2021.

Three French pairs make the trip to Rome for the FIP Rise which starts this Wednesday. At the gentlemen, Johan Bergeron and Benjamin Tison will number 3 seed, just behind two Spanish pairs: Javier Garcia Mora / Jaime Muñoz (TS1) and Javier Lopez Garcia / Sergio Icardo (TS2). The French pair will therefore clearly have a card to play!

In this table, which has many Italian pairs, we find another French binomial, the one made up of Pierre-Etienne Morillon and Thomas Brissaud, respectively 17th and 43rd in the ranking of the French Tennis Federation.

At the girls number 1 seed is none other than the pair of reigning French champions: Jessica Ginier and Alix Collombon ! The French will start as favorites for this tournament but will have to be wary in particular of the number 2 seed: the Italians Chiria Pappacena and Giulia Sussarello who will play at home!

The tables are not out yet, we will communicate them to you as soon as the FIP publishes them!

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