As you know, four French people headed to Gothenburg in Sweden to compete in a FIP Rise. And so far things are going pretty well.

Indeed, if Derek Gerson and the Greek Sioulis lost to the 5th seed Aymerich / Tur, the others did the job.

Indeed, for their entry into the running, Julien Seurin and Manuel Vives (TS3) had the premises Axelsson and Slaryd (6/2 6/4). Philémon Raichman and the Dutch Ropers (TS8) did the same against another Swedish pair, Nordstrom / Sainz De La Maza. Final score 7/5 7/5.

We will find the two pairs in the second round, respectively against Backman / Yitbarek and Ask / Azzola.

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