For their first match together, Alix Collombon and Jessica Castello won against Julia Polo and Sara Pujals at the FIP Star in Burriana 2021!

It was the most anticipated game of the day for girls. And he kept his promises since it took three sets to decide Alix Collombon (36 WPT) / Jessica Castello (32 WPT) and Julia Polo (56 WPT) / Sara Pujals (52 WPT). For their very first official match, the Franco-Spanish pair held their place, winning after losing the first set: 6/7 6/4 6/1.

A first victory hung for Alix and Jessica, who will play again tomorrow for a place in the quarter-finals, against another strong team: Barbara Las Heras (44 WPT) and Ariadna Cañellas (55 WPT). The meeting will take place at 9h00 !

Less success for Mélissa Martin and Martina Fassio, who were also playing their first match together. The Franco-Spanish pair suffered the law ofAna Cortiles (32 WPT) and Ana Fernandez de Osso (50 WPT). A victory 6 / 2 6 / 1 for the seed number 7, who in case of victory tomorrow against Mendez / Molero, will face in the quarterfinals the winners of the match between Collombon / Castello and Cañellas / Las Heras!

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