Adrien Maigret and Jean-Thomas Peyrou had to give up on injury today in the third round of the previa of the FIP Star de Burriana 2021.

Adrien and Jean-Thomas had started the match in the most beautiful way, winning the first set against David Antolin Solla (140 WPT) and Manuel Prado Prego (157 WPT). After the Spanish pair woke up in the second set, the third set was going to be hot, but in the first game Peyrou injured his ankle. He tried to play injured, but it just wasn't possible. So it's over for the French duo who bows 6/4 3/6 0/2 abandonment. A big blow for “Adri and JT”, who seemed to be in good shape in this tournament.

Adrien Maigret P2000 Pyramides service preparation


There are therefore no longer any French in previa at the FIP Star in Burriana, tomorrow however the three French people in the final table make their entry into the running : Alix Collombon, Benjamin Tison, and Mélissa Martin!

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