The French shine at the FIP Star Doha II! The proof is that five of them will be present in the quarter-finals today!

On the 6 tricolors entered in the competition, only one will not see the quarter-finals today: Jérémy Scatena. Indeed, “Le Scat” and Adria Mercadal, who were defending their title in Qatar, we were dominated yesterday by one of the two 100% French pairs present in Qatar: Blanqué/Inzerillo. A 6/3 7/5 victory for Bastien and Jérôme who will face two Belgians they know well this Friday: Clément Geens and Maxime Deloyer!

This also goes for the Bergeron / Leygue and Moreau / Peeters pairs, who will face each other today!

The other quarters are: Ortega/Sager Nagel vs Cotto/Scala and Gil/Cordoba vs Arquerons/Montserrat.

To follow the matches, it takes place on the YouTube channel of Padel In from 15:00 p.m. in France.

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