It was the first clash between French people of the day in Perugia and it saw the pair Invernon / Ligotti win against Mélissa Martin and Bruna Melo.

In a controlled match, Élodie and her partner Francesca won in two sets: 6/3 6/2.

Thanks to this success, the Franco-Italian pair will face the Dutch Koek and Weterings in the second round, who form the 4 seed in the tournament. Meeting scheduled for today at 16:00 p.m.

At the same time, Benjamin Tison and Adrien Maigret lost to the Italian Cassetta and the Portuguese Araujo: 7/6 6/3.

Now for the second clash between the French: Moreau / Cendon (ESP) vs Vives / Seurin !

Find the program of the day just below:

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