Six French players (six men, one woman) decided to go to Egypt this week to compete in the FIP Rise D-Bay.

Among the men, we will find the winners of the FIP Promotion of Chiba, Manuel Vives and Julien Seurin, who are leaving Asia for Africa. Manuel and Julien will form the 2 seed of the competition.

At the top of series 4, we find another French player, Philémon Raichman, who is associated with local player Georges Wakim.

A unique association between Arthur Hugounenq and Timéo Fonteny will also be present in this FIP Rise D-Bay. Finally, Derek Gerson will share the track with the Greek Sioulis.

For the girls, we will follow the journey of Elodie Invernon and the Dutch Van Der Hoek, who form the number 2 seed.


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