Two FIP tournaments deserve our attention this week because several French people are involved in these competitions, in Hamburg and Agrigento (Italy).

In Germany :

For the FIP Rise Hamburg, six French people were at the start of the day: Nicolas Rouanet, Thomas Vanbauce, Maxime Moreau, Philémon Raichman, Timéo Fonteny et Yoan Boronad. Of these six French representatives, two are still in the running for the quarter-finals today.

Indeed, from the first round, we lost four French players. Maxime Moreau and his Spanish partner Alberto Garcia Jimenez (TS2) won the duel against Nicolas Rouanet and Thomas Vanbauce: 6 / 2 7 / 6. As for Timéo Fonteny and Yoan Boronad, lucky losers, they lost in the first round against Octavio Alvarez (956) and Diego Arredondo Garcia (303): 7 / 5 6 / 3.

For his part, Philémon Raichman, associated with Thijs Roper had no problem passing their two rounds of the day.

Thus, on this Saturday, two French people are still in the running to reach the semi-finals. Start of the meeting from 13h for Max Moreau and not before 18 h for Philémon Raichman:

In Italy :

No worries for the French engaged in Italy on Friday. Indeed, Derek Gerson, associated with the Greek Vasileios Sioulis benefited from the WO of their opponents. Consequently, they are qualified for the 16th where they will directly meet the 1st seed of this tournament, the Italians Flavio Abbate (159) and Giulio Graziotti (156).

To Arthur Hugounenq et Pierre-Vincent, it also passes… thanks to the abandonment of the two Argentinians against whom they were to be opposed. As with Derek Gerson, the opponents did not appear on the field. Direction the 16th for the French pair. Here again, not an obvious meeting for the Frenchies who will be opposed to Andres Fernandez Lancha (261) and Pablo Gonzalez Neria (230) (TS6).

Derek Gerson will play his match at the end of the morning, while the Hugounenq/Vincent pair will take the stage at the start of the afternoon:

Gwenaelle Souyri

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