Two very distinct strategies this week among the French on the FIP Tour: some are going to Spain for a FIP Rise, others to Japan for a FIP Promotion...

To Carla Touly / Jessica Ginier et Jerome Inzerillo / Javier Rodriguez (TS8), heading to Andalusia and Estepona this week for the FIP Rise Prodigy Padel App. As always with competitions held in Spain, we find a higher level than that of a tournament of the same category taking place in another geographical area. As proof, several members of the Top 100 are present, for both men and women.

The other French people chose a radically different strategy by going to Chiba, Japan, for a lesser competition, a FIP Promotion. But as the competition is also radically less significant in Asia, this stay, although financially costly, could be more profitable in terms of points. We will therefore follow the paths of the pairs Vives / Seurin (TS1), Raichman / Roghani (TS2), Gerson / Hugounenq (TS5) and Jay / Sahagun in Japan!

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