New week rhymes with new tournaments for the French on the FIP Tour. Once again, many members of the French delegation will be on the slopes this week.

The girls mostly decided to go to Spain, to Malaga, to play a FIP Rise. In fact, we will find no less than five French women in Andalusia, with pairs Sireus / Ligotti (ITA), Ligi / Soubrié et Merah / Rondot.

Laura Buteau, she chose Italy and Giulianova's FIP Promotion. The Frenchwoman will form pair number 9 alongside the Turkish Dilara Torssell.

The garçons they decided to desert Spain after the complicated results from Barcelona. Indeed, on the tricolor side, only the pair Iznasni / Dumoulin registered in Malaga. Sami and Arthaud are nevertheless not sure of participating in the competition, they who find themselves in first position on the waiting list.

There will also be a French duo in Italy but this one is certain to play, Arthur Hugounenq and Pierre Vincent forming pair number 11 in Giulianova.

You have understood, it is in Gothenburg, Sweden, that we will find the most members of the French delegation among the gentlemen, with the pairs Seurin / Vives (TS3), Roper (NL) / Raichman (TS8) and Sioulis (GRE) / Gerson !

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