New week and new trip for the French of the FIP Tour who this time head to Cairo, where a FIP Rise is being played.

Among the men, three players will go to Egypt. As in Sweden last week, Philémon Raichman will be associated with the Dutchman Ropers. There will also be a 100% French pair: Vanbauce / Hugounenq. Note that neither duo is among the top seeds.

Among the women, the competition is less tough on paper, and the French women will clearly have some opportunities to play. On paper, the best French chance is the pair Elodie Invernon / Wendy Barsotti, who form the 2 seed of the tournament. Charlotte Soubrié, who comes out of a semi-final in Andalusia with Fiona Ligi, will try to do as well in Egypt with Camille Sireix (the pair are ultimately withdrawn, because Charlotte Soubrié injured the top of her foot at the sural nerve). The French form the ninth pair in the table.

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