158 in 181 days, for men and women, on five continents. This is the assessment of the International Federation of Padel (FIP) during the first six months of 2024. From stars to professional players who dream of becoming champions, to the NextGen who represent the future of the discipline: the report from the Research and Data Analysis Department of the FIP draws up a picture of the first six months of padel World.


During the first six months of the year, the International Federation of Padel organized 158 tournaments in the three FIP circuits (Premier Padel, CUPRA FIP Tour and FIP Promises), including 83 in the men's category and 75 in the women's category.

The 12 tournaments Premier Padel contested so far (including Genoa, which is being played this week) have all been “double draw” tournaments – men and women – while there have been 102 CUPRA FIP Tour tournaments (55 men and 47 women ) and 32 FIP Promises tournaments for young players, distributed equally between boys and girls. There were a total of 22 host countries spread across five continents. 55% of tournaments took place in Europe, 27% in America, 11% in Asia, 5% in Africa and 3% in Oceania. Spain and Italy are the countries with the highest number of tournaments played: 26 each, followed by Chile (15) and Sweden (11).

The players

The number of male and female athletes who participated in CUPRA FIP Tour tournaments and Premier Padel in the first part of the season is 2, including 301 men (1%) and 619 women (70%). Athletes from 682 nations from all continents (30 European countries, 60 Asian, 29 American, 14 African and one Oceanian) participated. In total, 12 players took part in the circuit Premier Padel (291 men and 171 women), while on the CUPRA FIP Tour, there were 2 (157 men and 1 women).

Genoa's record

The Genova Premier Padel P2 is the FIP tournament which, during the first six months of 2024, received the most registration requests: 354, including 216 men and 138 women. No other professional tournament since the start of the year had exceeded 350. In total seven tournaments exceeded 300 registered: the Genova P2, the Rome Major, the FIP Rise Burriana, but also the P1 of Santiago, Qatar Major, the P1 of Riyadh and the P1 of Mar del Plata.

In total, the tournaments of the International Federation of Padel, according to data provided by the FIP Research and Data Analysis Department, recorded more than 10 registrations.