The Spirit club Padel located in Lyon under the orders of Sébastien Cornet, continues to innovate to satisfy day by day all its loyal players. On September 14, 2019 the first P50 will take place all day long with its very precise rules. This tournament promises to be very friendly and accessible to all these players sometimes forgotten far from the big tournaments.

The main rule:

Of course not everyone can participate in the first ever P50. The rule of thumb is that the registered team's weight must be equal to or greater than 1500. For example, a player ranked 200e in the French ranking will not be able to register in the tournament with an 1200e player because the weight of the team would be 1400. On the other hand, if the French 200e is registered with the 1300e the weight will then be 1500 and the team will be able to register perfectly.

Tournament :

The tournament will take place at the Esprit club Padel throughout the day. All teams will be guaranteed to play at least 4 matches. This formula is just great for having fun, meeting and especially playing padel without the pressure of defeats and to go home after just one game.

Fun and friendliness above all:

What a great idea! All the teams that are sometimes refused entry into certain tournament tables of padel, or who believe that the P100, P250 P500 or P1000, this is not what they are looking for, can now have their tournament over a day with the ambition of winning their first title. Points for winning the tournament is one thing, but show, fun and friendliness among all players will be a priority in this tournament. New faces, new names on Padel Magazine, and a way for these forgotten players far from the big tournaments of the French circuit to show that they too are present and participate in the development of the padel in France.

Good humor will be there and the smiles of the players participating in the tournament too. No pressure, no problems and above all a large family from padel which meets under the roof of the Spirit Padel to share a moment that all those passionate about padel are looking for: MATCHES OF PADEL!

Source: Facebook Esprit Padel

Max Moreau

Max Moreau is one of the best French in padel. The Sherlock of padel opens the doors to the French and professional circuit. This expert in padel will not hesitate to intervene on the tactics and the technique of our sport.