Fernando Belasteguin hit the headlines when he left Head and Asics for Wilson Padel, we are now wondering which racket he will play this year.

Thanks to ArkoSport, here are the first quality shots of what Bela Pala may look like next season. This is the prototype with which the Argentinian trains and participated in the Catalonia Championships this weekend. Regarding the shape, we are on classic for Bela since it is a racket in water drop shape.

The bridge is unlike any of the Wilson rackets that we know today, since it incorporates a horizontal reinforcement bar. We also see streaks on the racket frame, something that was already found on the old Head Tornado Bela rackets. Regarding the foam, we can predict FOAM foam since it is the rubber found on Bela's last rackets at Head, and Wilson uses it on all of his models.

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