Black Crown continues the momentum of its Python 5 by offering this time a softer, lighter racquet, the Python 5 Soft. Eh yes ! For those who felt that the Python was too stiff, the sorf might be able to find favor with your eyes ...

A brand is full development

Black Crown is a 100% brand padel. Top players from padel play with Black Crown like Tito Allemandi (world top 10), Marta Marrero (currently world n ° 1) or Uri Botello (top 20).

As its name suggests, the Python 5.0 Soft is therefore softer than its twin sister. She looks a lot alike and yet Black Crown clearly wanted to offer a more flexible racquet with the software for less advanced players.

A well-fashioned racquet

Well it's rather a surprise because BlackCrown got us used to unique colors. Well this time it's a unique color too… J Yes, we don't change a winning habit. But The small difference is that the color speaks for the racket with this soft blue, rather beautiful by the way. We are very close to the classic Python 5.0. So at this level, Black crown really remained in the continuity.


Difficult to judge a racket padel generally at this level, because we know that the rackets of padel are rather fragile. However, we do not want the racket to turn white at the level of the "frame" or its crown. But hey, as long as the specs don't change, it's not that bad.

To highlight the crown used an intense and striking blue border, which is also used to highlight the word SOFT on the template, print screen frame ... This, plus his sister differentiate 5.0, give it a touch athletic.

On the technical part ...

The handle is round and of medium size. For large hands, an over-influenza may be needed.

The balance of the racket is at the center of the pala. Logical, given the program of this racket. Indeed, it is a racquet focused on control. Obviously, there will be variations of sensations depending on the weight of the racket that you validate.

3 possible choices: 355 gr, 465 gr, 375 gr.

Also note that its softness concerns all the sieve. It means that the racket will be rather tolerant if you decenter the impact of the ball. This is a difference with the 5.0 Python which is clearly more demanding.

In short, if you want comfort, you have done well with this racquet. This racquet is suitable for all types of players, although it can be reasonably estimated that this racquet will satisfy many players of padel to the racquet of serenity and touch.

On the fly, the racquet is agile. It is more malleable, but hey precise than a Python 5.0. Its lightness and softness are the prices to pay.

With a good ball exit and a very good handling, the Python 5.0 soft will undoubtedly make emulators

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Club des Pyramides in 2009 in the Paris region. Since padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France going to cover the major events of padel French.