Today with the boom in padel in the four corners of the world, the number of clubs emerging from the ground are more and more numerous. When you are a club manager, managing it can be a long way of the cross if you don't have the right tools.

Padel Magazine goes over all the offers available on the market in terms of club management software.


Sports Management

It needs no introduction, Gestion Sports is now a must in the padel.

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Founded by an artisan of the development of the padel in France by the name of Loic Tap, this software is intended for club managers. It has become a bestseller in private structures in the national territory thanks to its simplicity of use and the completeness of its functions.

Customizable for each structure, it allows you to configure the interface for users with, for example, the reservation of slots, the management of games, etc.

Website : Sports Management


Created in 2016, it is one of the leaders on the French market. Since 2020, no less than 80 sports centers have been equipped with this wonderful software.

Very easy to use, it meets the management needs and concerns of club leaders.

In addition to the software, the company has set up an application dedicated to players. It has even become the number 1 platform among practitioners of padel. Totally free for its users, it allows in particular to reserve the nearest track or to find partners around you.

The power of this environment lies in the possibility that players have to share their matches, both on the Doinsport application and on social networks (SMS, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.). The world brings the world. Thus, inviting a friend through a third-party channel will generate a registration on the application and generate a new customer in the complex.

You can take contact with Doinsport teams.




Launched in 2016, Anybuddy is the leading application in France on à la carte sport. It allows players to book sports fields anywhere in France, in just a few seconds.


Originally dedicated to tennis, the service has been extended to all racket sports and particularly to padel, which became the second most popular sport on the app. As a club, the service therefore makes it possible to increase the volume of bookings effortlessly, quickly and simply.

With more than 250 players present on this platform, Anybuddy makes the club much more visible, both for local players and for occasional players (vacationers, etc.).

But that's not all because this platform offers much more to club leaders:

  • Increase court fill rate and generate new revenue without having to canvass new players.
  • Keep full control of the club : choose at any time which courts and time slots are available on Anybuddy. You can also put reservation restrictions, for example by only authorizing last minute reservations to give priority to your regulars.
  • If the club is not equipped with an access control solution, the platform provides a secure code box free of charge to allow access to players at any time.
  • Last but not least,  the players and the club are insured by Anybuddy's RCpro.

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Website :

TPC Match Point

Spanish application developed in more than 20 countries, TPC Match Point is one of the references in the profession.

Totally customizable, it best adapts to the needs of each club.

Considered by some to be the most complete on the market, it facilitates the task of each club manager and allows easier management for players, coaches and other professionals in the business.


Benefit Padel

Here is a 100% software padel which is compatible with the different software that we present to you today and focuses on the integration of new players. It therefore focuses mainly on leisure and competition matches.

Indeed, thanks to 20 automatic and personalized levels in real time (with graphic statistics), you will be able to see the evolution of your players more simply. And they will be able to realize the level of each one.

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For more information : Benefit Padel 

Sebastien Carrasco

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