OSS Barcelona Tennis and Padel resumes service on the court of padel with the reception of professional players, and in particular this week of François Azzola and Clément Geens, Belgian national team player!

Young and dynamic, both have set up their training center at 2 Belgian clubs in Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve and Mont-Saint-Guibert:  https://padeleventsacademy.be/  


They came to Barcelona to hone their coaching and playing skills.

On the program a personalized training alongside Oriol Moyes, technical director of the Gimeno club in Barcelona.

Difficult to fill more each day which was divided between technical training, interventions on the ground as an assistant coach, theoretical part oriented on the methodology and the chronology of learning, and of course matches with the best young people of the club of which some are already part of the national teams!

A very intense week with the pleasure on the last day of seeing Fernando Belasteguin's training…

The entire local Franco-Spanish team hopes that this internship will allow François and Clément to best train the little Belgian prodigies of tomorrow!

You also want a personalized training as a coach or player, let us know: www.padelbarcelona.com

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