Le padel professional is always faster: the players are real athletes and the ever more quality equipment allows them to hit ever harder... Some professionals are starting to wonder if it should not be find solutions to find a slightly more old-fashioned game.

One of the solutions: increase the size of the bales padel. Regardless of player or track, the consequences will be obvious. We'll explain it to you.

1. Reduced game speed

A larger ball would have a greater volume and a greater surface area in contact with the air, which would increase the resistance of the air and reduce its speed. This could slow down the game and allow for longer rallies and more strategy.

Moreover, the International Table Tennis Federation made this choice exactly and precisely for the good of the players, but also and perhaps even above all so that the sport is more telegenic. And the results are obviously very positive.

2. Decreased range of smashes

Smashes and power shots would lose effectiveness, as a larger and potentially heavier ball would not fly as much as a standard ball. This would favor defensive players and exchanges. It's all a matter of balance: we should not slow down the game excessively and potentially cause a form of weariness on the part of the spectators (not to mention the physical impact that extended points could have on the players), but Slightly slower matches could provide a superior spectacle.

3. Increased maneuverability

A larger ball would be easier for players to see and hit, which could make the game more accessible to beginners. This could also change game strategies by favoring precise placements rather than powerful shots.

But in reality, if we are to believe Sanyo's words or Lamperti, it would above all be a return to the basics of padel. Once more strategic, our sport has now become more aggressive, with players capable of flying into the air and putting everyone on the same page with a single strike.

One thing seems certain, a larger ball means more maneuverability for the beginner, which seems a good thing.

Au Bullpadel Show 06, we were able to see Redouane Bougheraba putting on a show with an XXL ball. The image below caricatures the idea of ​​the post but we understand its meaning more easily because for a beginner, hitting the ball becomes much more obvious.

Redouane Bougheraba padel

4. Differentiation with tennis

A larger ball would further differentiate the padel of tennis, reinforcing the unique identity of the padel. This could attract players and spectators looking for a spectacle even more different from that offered by other racquet sports.

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Club des Pyramides in 2009 in the Paris region. Since padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France going to cover the major events of padel French.