They did it ! Johan Bergeron and Bastien Blanqué, favorites for these 2019 French championships in Casa Padel achieve the feat of winning three times in a row.

It was in the second set that the final decision was made. Still hanging, but it was missinglittle something " which tipped a game in favor of Adrien Maigret and Benjamin Tison. In a more complicated dynamic to manage, the two locals of the stage have not managed to turn the tide and cast doubt on the favorites.

It was enough for Johan Bergeron and Bastien Blanqué not benefit. The smash machine and by 3 was on the way. To summarize: each ball returned a little too softly or which was too centered by the Parisian duo, was immediately sanctioned with a monstrous blow.

And yet, the 1er set had been more than indecisive. The two finalists went for one shot. Better, they have never conceded their service. To the offensive success of Bergeron and Blanqué, Adrien Maigret and Benjamin Tison responded with an iron defense and a game of licked service.

This is, however, not enough to win. And even the support of the public did not do anything about it. With this victory, Johan Bergeron and Bastien Blanqué make history by being three times consecutively French champions. A record that may still take some time.

But no time to rest. The Challenger of World Padel Tour happens very quickly for the two pairs who will face what is best in the padel global. Again with high goals for the two duos.

They have not finished crossing each other since having all four qualified for the final of the championship of France, they will automatically be part of the next selection of the group France. A group that will join Alix Collombon, Jessica Ginier, Lea Godallier and Melissa Martin.

Adrien Pittore

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