On the occasion of the fifth stage of the Cupra Padel Tour, which took place in the magnificent private club Les Pyramides in Paris, Franck Lemousse, the founder of the circuit and the president of the WELLDONE Cie agency, shared his thoughts on the reconstruction of the project, the preparation of the next edition, and future ambitions for the club.

A project of the heart

We had to adapt to a particular situation, especially with the little clash involving Padel-Point and Tennis Point. In response, we rebuilt this project by taking over the authorship of the Padel Tour with Tennispro. It's a good team with a 100% French store, which is still nice, and a great team who are fighting to save everything that has been built over the previous two years.

Cupra padel pyramid tower

It’s a project that was also a project of the heart. We came into concepts that simply go beyond business: there are people behind it, desires, and the padel, it’s something that now affects a beautiful community. It was my fight to save this project. Cupra also supported the project, which was not an easy decision to make. They finally committed, and we are now in our third edition. The Fuze agency was also a key partner. All these actors worked together to achieve this 2024 edition of the Cupra Padel Tour.

Participants welcomed like princes

The Cupra Padel Tour is designed as a professional organization, comparable to a P2000. We put in place quality supports, offer gifts, prizes, and offer equipment tests thanks to our partnership with Head, who contributes enormously thanks to his expertise.

Participants are welcomed like princes, in a festive atmosphere with music and events. We are trying to capture this DNA of padel which represents the future of sport. It is these enthusiasts who will help build the future of padel.

The future of the circuit

With Cupra, we have just completed a three-year cycle. We must now meet again to discuss the future and see if we will continue together or not. It would be really nice to continue this collaboration. As for the circuit, it will be renewed. We are already working on the organization of the fourth edition. We plan to introduce different and interesting game mechanics, with small innovations in the background, and new types of games that will be very addictive.

Measured growth and new projects in sight

I think that on The Pyramids, there is a very beautiful work that is done. The partnership with the club is excellent. You know Patrice and Magali well, they embody the DNA of the club. With the arrival of Thomas Mitjana as new coach, a great recruit and passionate about this sport, the club will benefit from high-level support and a new dynamic.

Our club is already a large structure, and I believe that if we manage what we have in place well, it is very good. That said, we also have development projects, including significant event initiatives and upcoming highlights.

Club Les Pyramides

Schools of padel in construction

We learned lessons from the evolution of tennis in the 70s and 80s, where we started with a lot of adults before moving towards children. With the padel, we are progressing much more quickly thanks to the expertise accumulated over the years in tennis.

We are currently building schools padel with the aim of reaching children and families. We are seeing a significant increase in the participation of children in our courses, a phenomenon that we did not observe at the beginning. In just 2-3 years, we have gone from 6-8 children participating in our courses to 30, 40, even 50 young people under 15 years old. The demand is so strong that we have to refuse registrations because we can no longer accommodate everyone. There is real enthusiasm for this sport.

Player training during Roland-Garros?

We will soon have five pitches padel covered (from September), which could allow us to welcome players coming to train during Roland-Garros. We have a lot of cool little things that can be done in September.

However, the economic model and the evolution of the club are not necessarily intended to bring a lot of competition. That said, we are still considering organizing an exceptional P1000 or P1500 event at the Pyramides club.

Dorian Massy

New follower of padel, I am fascinated by this dynamic sport which combines strategy and agility. I find in the padel a new passion to explore and share with you on Padel Magazine.