Franco Stupaczuk recently spoke on a subject that causes a lot of discussion: the famous “punto de oro”.

Absent from Premier Padel following a vote which saw the players prefer the advantage formula, the decisive point still remains a subject of debate in the padel professional. Indeed, many people would like to see it introduced at least among women, where matches generally last longer.

And among the defenders of this “no-ad”, which makes it possible to better predict the duration of matches and provide more suspense, we find a certain Franco Stupaczuk, seventh player in the world. The Argentinian even suggests making a big change for women's meetings...

“I would set up the “punto de oro” and have the women play a great tie-break in the third set.”

As explained above, since women do not have the same firepower as men, matches are sometimes considered a little too long. Would you like to see a great tie-break as a third set for the girls?

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