It's now official: the Superpibes have decided to separate. According to the message posted by Stupa on Instagram, we understand that Martin Di Nenno has decided to leave him for another player. In all likelihood, it would be Juan LeBron.

If there is therefore no real doubt concerning the identity of Di Nenno's future partner, the name of the player who will play after Malaga's P1 to the right of Stupa continues to fuel the rumors. If some rumors saw the Argentinian continuing with the powerful left-hander Pablo Cardona, some experts ultimately sent him alongside another young Spanish player, Miguel Yanguas. This is, for example, what our colleagues at Padel y Cervecitas.

Current number 10 in the FIP rankings, Yanguas asserts himself as a first-rate right-wing player. Despite a good start to the season, his association with Garrido seems to be experiencing small hiccups, and it would not be surprising to see the two young men put an end to their collaboration. Recently, we saw that the services of the native of Cordoba, who does not hit the ball high enough according to his partner, posed some problems... At this level, “Mike” should not have much to complain about Stupa!

Either way, Yanguas and Stupaczuk would definitely make a competitive pair, capable of competing with more or less anyone. So in your opinion, this will happen?

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