Questioned by our colleagues atAs, Franco Stupaczuk returns to a theme rarely addressed by the stars of the padel worldwide: the income of players from padel.

If we know that it is very difficult to get by for those who do not play the leading roles, we notice that even the very best in the world complain about the prize money paid by the number 1 circuit, the Premier Padel. We saw it recently with Martita Ortega for the girls, and now with Franco Stupaczuk among the men.

As a reminder, you will find below the table of what players win in tournaments Premier Padel :

Clearly, if since the arrival of Premier Padel, players earn a much better living, winnings linked to tournaments represent a fairly small part of their income. P2s, in particular, are not really profitable for players, as Stupa explains:

“We live thanks to brands. In Venezuela, by being semi-finalists, we won 5 euros, from which we must subtract 000 euros spent on the trip.” The Argentinian forgets to specify that he must also pay his expenses and his taxes, his coach... You understood, at the end of the tournament, there is not much left. And we're talking about a player who is in sixth place in the world rankings...

Stupa cries of rage Qatar 2024

Well helped by the companies that sponsor it, like Siux, Stupa does not want to play the victim, but knows that the padel is still very far from major sports: “I can't complain, because I have good brands that help me. (…) It is true that the economic conditions of players have improved a lot, but we are far from football or tennis.”

This is all the more true for players who are far from the spotlight, as Manu Vives recently explained to us:

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