François Authier: “give my all for the team”

François Authier was selected to go to Qatar with the French team. The Lyonnais is delighted to be part of the adventure for the first time. He confides in Padel Magazine.

“Very happy to be selected for the first time”

“I'm very happy to be selected for the French team for the first time and I wasn't expecting it at all at the time.

It's been a long time since I had the objective of integrating the team but without success so far. Mind Padel helps me a lot so that I can feel at best in my teacher / player balance. Sébastien Cornet leaves me open to tournaments so it's a chance for me. I thank him !

Since the selections for the European Championships we haven't had the opportunity to talk much with Alexis and that's why I was rather surprised by my selection for the World Championships in Doha.
I noticed that he had watched our matches at the French Championship a bit, but without much discussion afterwards. ”

Alexis Salles and Arnaud Di Pasquale at the 2021 French Championship

“Give my all for the team”

“I don't know my role for the team yet but I know that I will give my all to try to make the team as competitive as possible. I know I'm coming as a replacement but I'm happy and I will do my best to help the France team.

For the Open I don't know yet who I'm going to play with but I have already played with Jérémy Scatena in a tournament and it went very well. I think I can play with everyone because I play both sides. I play on the left with Justin and I played on the right with Jérémy on a P1000 (editor's note: it was in Sète, with victory at the end). I do not refuse anyone by my side!

I was surprised with my selection even if I have made a lot of efforts lately to be in physical shape. We are often told with Justin that we are strong together but we have still not been taken in the French team two (laughs). So a thought for my partner because we set ourselves the goal of being together one day. ”

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Xan Tafernaberry