Fred Sitbon: “A Casa Padel Back to Asnières in 2023 »

Present during the Greenweez Paris Premier Padel Major, the deputy mayor for economic development of Asnieres-sur-Seine, Fred Sitbon, told us about the creation of the second Home Padel, which will be located in Asnières and is scheduled to open in early 2023.

“Asnières is also the city of padel ! "

Padel Magazine : We had a magnificent final (from Greenweez Paris Premier Padel Major), and precisely what do you think of this rather “privileged” moment right next to your city?

Fred sitbon : " I loved ! See the world number 1s win this “Grand Chelem” was a pleasure to see. And then it's mostly discovery for those who don't really know the padel. It was enormously publicized this week and there, we can see that the rise of the padel is really there. »

Padel Magazine : We know that in Asnières-sur-Seine there is a project padel for at least two or three years. Where is it?

Fred : "I have the honor and the pleasure of announcing to you that this is it: Asnières-sur-Seine will finally have its padel. And it's even better than before: because before (in the initial project) we were at Robinson Park with 5 or 6 padel and a little bit of parking, but there from the beginning of 2023, we are going to launch Casa Padel Back with 2 open courts (outdoor) and 5 covered courts (indoor). A total of 7 lands of padel, with restaurant, terrace… It will be a place of life so that all Asnierois and non-Asnierois can come and play at the padel, since once again, Asnières is also the city of padel. "

Home Padel Dos…an opening for the organization of future big events in Asnières?

Padel Magazine : Will the city of Asnières host a big tournament, as was the case during the FFT Padel Tour from Asnieres-sur-Seine? Is it in the pipes?

Fred : “It is in the pipes, we are of course talking about it with the president of Casa Padel and with the FFT. I warmly thank all the partners: Wilson, Cupra, Casa Padel of course […], Gilles Moretton was very helpful with that, so thanks to him.

Of course it was really a success when we saw each other on the forecourt of the town hall we had put two pitches padel for this "Tour de France". It was really great and we would like to do it again.

It is true that these 7 lands of padel would be compatible with the WPT, with the French championships, with quite a few tournaments in short. And then the forecourt of the town hall is always open for all practitioners of padel. "

He also added in this regard:

“Asnières is a city right next to Paris, with transport such as the tramway, the metro, the train or even the velib', we really have it all! I think it's a really good address for the padel, so that everyone can come (even with family), sports and non-sports, see this FFT Padel Tour.

I think there is something to do, we are totally up for it and we can't wait! »

“I think with this we will have a winning ticket!”

Padel Magazine : House Padel Dos will be born from the partnership between Casa Padel, the city of Asnières and the FFT. How's it going ? Are all the partners present funding this project?

Fred : " Absolutely ! It was financed by each partner: the FFT, Cupra, Wilson and Casa Padel of course. The brands finance and that is very important.

In addition to that we have made two partnerships with the two tennis clubs that we have in Asnières: the Tennis Club du Mesnil and the Tennis Club Azur. Which means that two days a week, we can also give lessons, because there is a lack of space in the Asnierois tennis clubs.

Home Padel Dos is really made for that. This will make it possible to introduce this sport to young people (and not so young as well) to precisely surf on the rise of padel that we were able to feel especially during the Greenweez Paris Premier Padel Major at Roland Garros. And I think with that, we will have a winning ticket! 

First semester 2023, Casa Padel Back to Asnières-sur-Seine and we are waiting for you! »

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