Frédéric Torres, head of teaching at the Deauville and Blonville-sur-Mer tennis clubs in Normandy, presents the services offered by the Area Padel, evokes the complementarity between tennis and padel and also offers positive feedback from the stage of Cupra Padel Tour in Deauville.

A new club in Verson

“I come from the world of tennis. Currently, I manage two tennis clubs, one in Deauville and the other in Blonville-sur-Mer. Last year we built five tracks padel in the Deauville club, and we are currently working to open a new club in the town of Verson, near Caen, with six indoor courts dedicated to padel. We'll probably do pickleball too. The opening of the club is scheduled for early October.”

The Area Padel

“At the Area Padel from Deauville, we have five outdoor slopes. At the Area Padel from Caen, we will soon have six indoor tracks. We offer slope rentals, subscriptions, and time cards. We also organize numerous tournaments to enliven the community.

Reserved Padel Deauville

We also have a pro shop where we sell equipment, and we offer courses and courses for children. Lessons are available by the hour for one, two or three people. The courses, for their part, take place in groups of five or six children during school holiday periods, with sessions of 1h30 per day from Monday to Friday.

In Caen, we are setting up a school of padel with group lessons all year round. This organization will be different from Deauville, because Deauville, as a seaside resort, mainly operates on weekends and during school holidays. In Caen, activity will be continuous throughout the year.”

The complementarity of tennis and padel

"I think that padel and tennis are complementary sports. In fact, the padel revives tennis activity a little in the clubs, which is very positive.

We have a lot of people transitioning from tennis to padel, probably between 50 and 60%. Then there are also many people who directly discover the padel, without ever having played tennis. They find it a little more fun, easier to understand, and more user-friendly, even at tournament level. THE padel allows you to have fun more quickly than tennis, which attracts many new players.”

His feedback on the Cupra Padel Tour

“Ah, it was really great! The feedback from participants was excellent, as was ours. It was a very good organization and great entertainment for a tournament day. People were very happy. We were fortunate to have magnificent weather, which greatly contributed to the success of the event.

Cupra Padel Deauville Tower

We will continue to organize this tournament, and in addition, we are also hosting a National event Padel Cup, it helps to energize the club and offer quality events to our members and the local community.”

Dorian Massy

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