French Padel Shop

French Padel Shop is the French website which offers padel. Find on this site the snowshoes of padel, accessories padel and many other things.

A 100% French site managed by a French team with little shoes for their customers.

more info? Want to have fun:


3 comments on “French Padel Shop"

  1. Hello,

    Following an order, I did not receive the pink antivibrators for the racket I ordered.
    All that's missing is that you were out of stock. Following our phone interview, I should have received them.
    Could you keep me informed of the rest?

    Looking forward to your response,



    1. Hello David again,

      Seen again on the phone with you, hoping that this second shipment of antivibrators is the right one and that the pink color goes very well with the racquet ordered!

      Thank you for your trust, and welcome to the Frenchie family!

      See you soon.

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