Former Italian professional tennis player Giorgia Marchetti took to the padel. The 143rd WTA player has not had a simple sporting career, littered with moments of uncertainty. Today she sees the padel like the light at the end of the tunnel.

The one who plays the World Padel Tour with Chiara Pappacena, 63rd player in the world, is already delighted: "Che sport and my new partner, Chiara Pappacena, have given me the joy of competing again. Tennis had become stressful, traveling alone was eating away at me, I didn't feel comfortable anymore. ”

Arrived in the final of previas at Las Rozas Open, and in the round of XNUMX at the Challenger de Lerma, the two Italians already have interesting results.

Here are excerpts from Giorgia's interview for the Italian newspaper Corriere dello sport.

How was the Pappacena-Marchetti pair born?

We were training tennis together with Stefano This. We were on the tour and often traveled for tournaments. After the European Championships padel, we saw each other at my home, and we decided to continue our association in the padel.

How did you start playing padel ?

When I played tennis, I was destroyed by losses, and I couldn't get out of it. I started for fun and thanks to padel, at his team game, I no longer live in solitude.

What does tennis bring you in your game of padel ?

He brings me the know-how of net play, the area of ​​the pitch where I've always been strongest. Then I bring the professional mentality that tennis forges you, this grinta, this desire not to lose.

Girogia Marchetti Padel high volley forehand

A difficulty that you found as a tennis player?

Everyone says that those who come from tennis are favored, but in fact the big disadvantage is the windows. Indeed, you have to know how to manage them well and for former tennis players it is not easy. And then, knowing how to use your head with totally different tactical reasoning. You have to change your playing patterns.

Satisfied with your success today?

Of course yes, I believe that my career is the result of a mixture between a pinch of luck and a certain predisposition.

Would you like to teach?

From next year, I will dedicate myself to padelalso from the point of view of education. I would like to work at the level of children to see them grow in the field. I would like to achieve great results with them, but my priority for the moment remains the tournaments.


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