Discover the program of the sixteenth finals of the Greenweez Paris Premier Padel Major (G3PM), which start at 14:00 p.m. this Wednesday.

After a Tuesday afternoon marked by the show of the French on the Central, the best pairs compete today at Roland-Garros. We are still expecting a very big day of padel with sixteen matches on the program!

Philippe Chattier

14 p.m.: Lima/Stupaczuk (TS00) vs. Blanque/Maigret (WC)

To be continued: Di Nenno/Navarro (TS2) vs Dominguez/Ramos

To be continued: Belasteguin / Coello (TS5) vs Gomes / Martinez (Q)

To be continued: Galan/Lebron (TS1) vs Mendez/Oria

Not before 20 p.m.: Chingotto/Tello (TS00) vs Bergeron/Leygue (WC)

Court n°3

14 p.m.: Ruiz/Gonzalez (TS00) vs. Luque/Sanz

To be continued: Capra/Sanchez (TS7) vs Valdes/Sanchez

To be continued: Campagnolo / Garrido (TS8) vs Garcia / Rodriguez (Q)

To be continued: Lijo/Ruiz (TS11) vs Garcia/Marcos

Court n°2

14 p.m.: Bergamini/Ruiz (TS00) vs. Del Castillo/Moya

To be continued: Bueno/Quilez (TS15) vs Arroyo/Rubio

To be continued: Gil/Silingo (TS12) vs Alonso/Ruiz

Court n°4

14 p.m.: Leal / Rico (00) vs. Garcia / Vera

Next: Nieto/Yanguas (9) vs Gonzalez/Melendez

To follow: Garcia / Fernandez (16) vs Sager / Cordoba (Q)

To be continued: Belluati / Moyano (13) vs Bautista / Goenaga

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