Ale Galan and Fede Chingotto, who decided to team up shortly before the P2 in Puerto Cabello, have already won four titles for a total of seven finals.

It's simple, since they have been together, Fede Chingotto and Ale Galan have never lost before the final of a tournament. And at the time of writing these lines, only one pair has been able to beat “Chingalan”: Coello / Tapia!

The number 1s, who dominated last season with 15 titles, are having more trouble in 2024. The proof is that they lost four of their seven clashes with Ale and Fede, who won their first Major together in Italy, the first in short for the native of Olavarria.

Between the science and defense of Chingotto, and the power and offensive talent of Galan, we find ourselves with a perfectly balanced pair, whose solidity poses a problem even to those who started 2023 with nine titles in a row on the World Padel Tour...

Will Arturo and Agustin be able to fully take the measure of their now biggest rivals or should we expect a change at the top of the table? padel worldwide by the end of the year?

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