As often this year, we find in the final, the dream poster, which has become a clasico in 2024: Agustin Tapia / Arturo Coello against Ale Galan / Fede Chingotto. 3 everywhere before this final of the'Italy Major Premier Padel, second edition at the Foro Italico in Rome.

Galan dominates his diagonal against Tapia

In the first set, the Chingalan machine is irresistible in Italy. And leads until 5/2, double break. Coello and Tapia are cornered and almost succeed against the run of play in offering themselves a break to return to 5/4. But the lead is too important, and especially Tapia too irregular, like a gross fault for his level at 15/30 when there is an opportunity to return to 5 games all. Especially since Coello is playing better and better. The set point won at 40/30 (5/4) is magnificent with Chingotto as always very present in important moments. Note in passing that Galan certainly performed his best set of the tournament. 6/4 for Galan / Chingotto, in 45 minutes.

The anecdote: we note that in the first set, Fede took a nasty blow to the head with his racket. Approximately 5 minute stoppage in play. Which will not prevent the Argentinian from winning the point on a magnificent petite.

Tapia / Coello: the steamroller

In the second set, we take the same ones with a totally different scenario, since like the end of the first set, Coello and Tapia are in their match and deliver a very good performance. For Galan / Chingotto, it's more difficult, the Spanish-Argentinian pair has their heads underwater. Perhaps we needed to delay a little after winning the first round...

6/1 in 23 minutes in favor of Tapia / Coello.

For Chingotto, the memory of the first edition certainly resurfaces since it was on the same track, on July 16, that he lost alongside Paquito Navarro against the first world pair, Tapia / Coello in 2 sets 7/5 7/6 (7/2).

But today, he has Galan at his side, a player better equipped to counter the desires of the Argentinian Tapia.

Chingo finishes with a bang, Tapia in the fridge!

At the end of this match, it was a bit of the energy of the last hope for Arturo Coello, physically affected. In “make or break” mode, the Spaniard sometimes tries to send missiles diagonally… but it doesn't always work.

And above all, Tapia is put in the fridge again with a diagonal between Chingotto and Coello. Chingotto is the tallest on the track at the Foro Italico in Rome. Physically, he “eats” Coello.

What may be surprising is the difference in the relationship between Tapia and Coello, and Galan and Chingotto. When Galan makes a few small mistakes, Chingotto doesn't let go of his partner and encourages him. Tapia and Coello are together, but it seems like they don't talk enough. It must be said that for Tapia, it is sometimes complicated to be on a track without having the opportunity to really express yourself.

7th meeting between the two pairs, and Chingotto/Galan won again in 3 sets and brought down the title holders.

Those who wanted to win the most on the track won.

statistic Chingotto Ale galan Italy Major 2024

The balance sheet increases to 4/3 for Chingalan against the first world pair. Galan will also be the 2nd player in the world again next week.

“It’s a dream, I don’t want anyone to wake me up”

Ale Galan:

“It wasn't easy last year. I couldn't win a Major. And things are different today.”

Fede Chingotto:

“I'm living a dream and I don't want anyone to wake me up. Ale opens all the doors for me at once.”

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Club des Pyramides in 2009 in the Paris region. Since padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France going to cover the major events of padel French.