The World Padel Tour, which is of course on hiatus because of the Covid-19, has decided to freeze the rankings until the resumption, after the cancellations of Vigo and Alicante.

The World Padel Tour being a circuit where points are counted over a year, players could have lost their points acquired during tournaments which took place last year in April. To avoid too many ranking changes, the WPT decided to freeze the rankings as of March 30, 2020.

However, expect some small changes on March 30 since the tournament Marbella 2019, which ended on March 24 of last year, will cease to be counted. Thus, some who had performed well during this tournament risk being overtaken by others who had scored very few points.

In the absence of this freeze on March 30, we could have, following the cancellations of Vigo and Alicante, end up in April with a new number 1 in men. Indeed, Ale Galan (3rd -11710 points), who had scored “only” 790 points in the first three tournaments of last season, would have found himself in front of his teammate Juan Lebron (2nd -12 points) and Paquito Navarro (350st-1 points), which had scored 13 each in the same period…

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