After the very complicated victory during the regional phases of the CBBL league, the Garnier / Binisti pair did it again by winning the tournament of Padel Attitude this Sunday.

Padel Attitude, the padel center located in Lesquin (Lille), " has certainly offered the biggest padel tournament '' north of France '' in terms of level this weekend Explained Pascal Duhamel, one of the managers of the padel club.

The tournament was only for confirmed players. the tournament was composed of

  • 5 Belgian Pairs
  • 2 regional championship pairs (League of Flanders and Basque Coast League)
  • Robin Haziza, one of the best French players and qualified for the finals of the French championships with his teammate Jérémy Scatena remained in Nice.
  • Big pairs of the league of Flanders
  • Parisian pairs.

The tournament was played under a big heat. Definitely, as indicated by Jeremy Gala, one of the best Belgian players who participated in the international adventure in Palma de Mallorca last year: " In December, we played at 0 degree, and there at 30, they do it on purpose chtis? ". If the weather conditions vary enormously, one thing is always hot: The atmosphere.

The tournament thus consisted of 20 pairs and 4 hens of 5. The last of each group was eliminated directly. And so we found all the seeded faithful to the positions in the final table.

The number 1 seed of the table composed of Thibaut Nollet, one of the managers of the club associated with Robin Haziza, come especially for the occasion, met no resistance until the final. However, in the semifinal, Nollet / Haziza met the representatives of the Flanders League Romanowski / Dulion, a complete pair and difficult to play ... But Thibaut Nollet and Robin Haziza won 6 / 2.

A little lower in the table, we found our Parisian pair Berrafato / Lippe who lost to one of the Belgian pairs Evrard / Ryckaert.

Small disappointment, however, on the side of the Belgian camp concerning the severe defeat at the bottom of the table Leroi (nicknamed the "lion king") / iorgu against the famous and inevitable Lille pair Saleta / Tanfin (6 / 1).

The pair Binisti / Garnier had a much more difficult debut with set sets and a big Justin Garnier overcoming a certain absence of his teammate in the first games.

In the quarterfinals, at the bottom of the table, Binisti / Garnier's win against Saleta / Tanfin (7 / 6 after saving 4 match balls and Fievet / Destombes against Evrard / Ryckaert (7 / 5) .

In the final, Binisti / Garnier do not really have a choice. To win, it will necessarily avoid the box Robin Haziza. Thibaut Nollet became the target of his opponents. Despite his combativeness and incredible evolution lately, fatigue makes him make some mistakes.

Binisti / Garnier finally wins over Nollet / Haziza (6 / 3).

Franck Binisti and Robin Haziza do not leave each other since they will meet at the pre-qualifying stage of the World Padel Tour at Real Padel Club in Sophia on September 5th and 6th.

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Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.