Supposed to separate at the end of the Premier Padel Malaga P1, Lebron and Paquito are already living their last moments together on the track.

And obviously, without pressure, the Andalusians are coming back to life on the track. As proof, they never allowed more than three games in a set to their opponents in Genoa! This Friday, Juan and Francisco once again offered a real demonstration to the public in Liguria. Facing them, Lucho Capra and Maxi Sanchez, who reunited after having separated three times already, were unable to do anything.

47 minutes, a game left in progress, the recital of Paquito and “El Lobo” ends with a 6/0 6/1 which propels them towards the last four.

Tomorrow they will meet their respective former teammates Galan and Chingotto. The Spanish-Argentinian pair, who have never lost before the final, extinguished the surprise Bergamini / V.Ruiz : 6/3 6/4 in 1h15.

To follow the rest of the matches in Italy:

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