Beaten by Ale Galan and Federico Chingotto in the final in Rome, Arturo Coello and Agustin Tapia are on mission in Genoa. Those who start the tournament with the 1st seed at their backs did not have to push their talent this Wednesday to enter the fray.

Indeed, while leading 5/0 in the first set, Ramiro Moyano and Francisco Gil were forced to retire, the Argentine suffering from a muscular injury in the left thigh.

In the next round, they will find the new pair composed of Jairo Bautista and Gonzalo Alfonso. The two men who played their very first match together this morning did not tremble against the Italians Di Giovanni and Sinicropi (6/2 6/4). Surprisingly, it was the powerful Jairo who took charge of the right side, leaving room on the left for number 1 of A1 Padel.

In the other matches already played, we saw in particular the encouraging debut of Sanyo and Arroyo, who dominated Lamperti / Belluati in two sets (6/2 6/4).

To follow the rest of the matches in Genoa this Wednesday:

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