In this men's final which became a “clasico” at Genova P2, we were hoping for a match in three sets, like the previous ones between Coello/Tapia and Galan/Chingotto. However, we saw a crazy encounter where Coello and Tapia were totally extinguished by the class of Chingotto and Galan.

6/1 in 20 minutes!

The first set was literally a 20-minute lesson delivered by the world's second-ranked pair to the world's first. There is not much to say: the smashes and attacks did not hurt Chingotto and Galan, capable of countering and even reversing the trend during an exchange. A notable example is Galan's point on a tapia smash at 4/1, 40/0 on Galan's serve. Tapia has tried improbable moves that can sometimes work, but not today.

The score speaks for itself: 6/1 in 20 minutes with 19 winning shots in six games for Chingotto and Galan. What to do in this case?

Galan / Chingotto on another planet!

The second set was a replication of the first. Chingotto and Galan gave an exceptional performance. It was impossible to beat them today. Every ball hit hurt Coello and Tapia. This time, they didn't even need Nevara. The Spanish-Argentinian pair dominated on the central track in Genoa.

The number ones were lost on the track. Even Tapia's exits no longer worked. For Galan, everything seemed simple. The intensity and changes of pace made the world's leading pair go crazy.

Defeat 6/1 6/1 in less than an hour.

chingotto galan genova P2

A defeat that could have consequences?

It’s a defeat that will leave its mark. And in a transfer window far from over, as we wrote to you, there could be movements for Coello and Tapia if they cannot find a solution to the talent of Chingotto and Galan. For the moment, the world's leading pair has not found a solution. Worse still, the more time passes, the more Chingotto and Galan get ahead.

To conclude, here are the results of Chingotto and Galan: 8 tournaments, 8 finals, 5 victories and the double in Italy after the victory at the Major.

Does the Coello / Tapia association have the weapons to return to the battle against Chingalan?

“There is nothing to analyze”

Ale Galan:
“There is nothing to analyze. We played a more than complete match. It's always difficult to beat Tapia/Coello. Today we did it in the best way possible, despite the lack of energy after the big match yesterday.”

Fede Chingotto:
“Having a Galan in your life makes your life easier. We played at an exceptional level.”

Below, the stats of our friends from Padel Intelligence :

statistics chingotto galan genova P2

Photo credits: Premier Padel

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Club des Pyramides in 2009 in the Paris region. Since padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France going to cover the major events of padel French.