Martita Ortega and Sofia Araujo won the Genova P2 stage against the world's leading pair, Ari Sanchez and Paula Josemaria, in 2 sets 6/3 7/6 (1).

Failed departure of Josemaria / Sanchez

The start of the first round is to be forgotten for the world's leading pair. Far too many unforced errors, unable to hold the exchange against Ortega and Araujo who show more desire on the track. A slight increase in energy in the 4th game allows Josemaria and Sanchez to finally win their first game of this final (with a shutout). But this difficult start to the set will cost them dearly. Unsurprisingly, the Spanish-Portuguese pair won with yet another direct error from Ari Sanchez diagonally from Sofia Araujo.

Yet, as the last game of the first set shows, Araujo and Ortega don't need to take many risks. Even Martita Ortega is sometimes guilty of not putting enough power into her strikes. But why do more when you just have to put the ball in play?

The former professional player padel now coach, Nerone, smiles because he knows that his players are holding the right lead against the world's leading pair. But it is not finished. With 16 unforced errors from Sanchez and Josemaria in just one set compared to 6 for Ortega and Araujo, we quickly understand that the failure of the world number ones could end...

6/3 Ortega / Araujo

Araujo/Ortega confirms

In the second set, the match was closer, but the numerous errors of the world's leading pair barely diminished. However, when they maintain their usual level, Josemaria and Sanchez dominate. But today, the Spanish pair is unable to maintain a sufficient level.

Almost against the run of play, Josemaria and Sanchez are not far from winning this second set. At 4/5, Ortega and Araujo saved two match points on Martita's serve. Ari Sanchez seems to be lacking legs, is she really 100% today? She is regularly caught in her zone and Josemaria has difficulty covering the spaces left free by her partner.

For the moment, the world's first pair is not really in the match and will total a total of 33 unforced errors against 15 for the opponents at the end of the match. There is clearly an opportunity for the outsiders in this final. Ortega and Araujo play fairer but are unable to take the advantage despite the errors of their opponents.

In the tie-break of the second round, stronger in all areas of the game, Martita Ortega and Sofia Araujo inflicted a 7/1 on the world's leading pair.

araujo ortega genova P2

Araujo: first Portuguese woman to win a title Premier Padel

It's historic, Araujo finally wins a major title on the professional circuit (apart from his Challenger title in Alicante last year). And these are obviously remarkable beginnings for this new 2.0 association between Ortega and Araujo.

For Seba Nerone, this is undoubtedly his first victory as a coach in a professional tournament. He ends in tears.

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Club des Pyramides in 2009 in the Paris region. Since padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France going to cover the major events of padel French.