We know the first finalists of this Genova P2: Marta Ortega et Sofia Araujo. The Spanish-Portuguese pair won against Carmen Goenaga / Virginia Riera. The semi-final of outsiders which therefore offers a totally unexpected pair in the final of this tournament.

The Spanish-Portuguese pair won 6 / 1 6 / 4 in 1h50 of play. They therefore have a first final together!

A quick first set

Marta Ortega and Sofia Araujo got this meeting off to a flying start, inflicting 12 points in a row et three shutouts to Virginia Riera and Carmen Goenaga. The latter were completely cornered by the power of the Portuguese and unbalanced by the consistency of the Spaniard.

Quite simply, the first set was a real recital from Ortega and Araujo who were imperial on their service games and realistic during the important moments: two breaks converted on two opportunities.

The first round therefore ended on a solid 6/1 for the 4 seed who therefore took the advantage in this first semi-final.

The resistance of Ortega / Araujo

The appearance of the second set was totally different from the first, with Carmen Goenaga and Virginia Riera who managed to find their rhythm in this match and earned points. Despite several moments of excitement, they managed to keep their commitments and stand up to the Araujo / Ortega pair.

Each service game was particularly close and the two teams were neck and neck. Carmen Goenaga, who had his first semi-final on Premier Padel, gradually revealed itself to develop a more aggressive and precise game.

The turning point of the match was at 4/3 for Riera and Goenaga, where the latter had several break points for service for the set. Each of these opportunities were perfectly defended and saved by Marta Ortega and Sofia Araujo, who ended up winning this game.

Behind, they offered themselves the first break of this second round and were able to serve for the match. The 4 seed didn't miss his chance and is therefore the first qualified for the final of this Genova P2!

They will meet the winners of the second semi-final opposing Paula Josemaria et Ariana Sanchez (TS1) to Claudia fernandez et Gemma Triay (TS3).

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