Sports Management, the famous management software in racket sports is growing at 2 figures! In just one year, the sports clubs have joined Gestion Sports.

End 2018: 9000 players use the Sports Management interface and more than 73700 reservations have already been made.

The precursor of Padel : Tennis Squash Padel Club du Mas in Perpignan.

On the strength of risk-taking to launch a dynamic Padel, the bet was a winner! All the greatest French players have walked the carpets of Perpignan.

Today, LE MAS is the must-see club in France with 4 outdoor courts and 3 indoor courts.

But it's also a team of professional tennis and paddle coaches!

  • Alain Henry wrote a book on The fundamentals of Padel and reached the TOP 50 Padel.
  • Frédéric TAP has the experience of high level coaching in tennis and also transmits it by passion to the padel.
  • Laurent Planes is the expert coach of the attack.
  • Loïc TAP was 35th French and takes care of the training of young players of Padel and Tennis.

Béziers and the Vière luxury partners

The Béziers Padel Club and Tennis & Padel Club de la Vière, both organizers of the National Padel Cup work with Gestion Sports.

And beautiful clubs are already using our tool

  • The TCAM - Tennis Club Amiens Métropole
  • The Laval Sport-in-Park
  • The MonPlaisir Tennis Club & Padel
  • Le Padel Ancises Club
  • The Sportime Club in Albi
  • The Indoor Center in Narbonne

And our great partner: The Padel Infinity Tour

For the organization of its renowned tournaments throughout France, the Padel Inifinity has chosen to use Gestion Sports.

We have made their own app available and players can sign up with a few clicks.
But the organization can also send notifications to all its players and soon, all the tables will be directly online on the app!

2018 goal achieved!

Our goal was to make ourselves known. We believe that today this is the case in the world of Padel. But we also want to develop in Tennis, Squash, Bad, Table Tennis and also in Football!

Too young this year, we missed out on big partnerships because our competitors were a little ahead.

Now it's Gestion Sports that takes the lead!

Today, it's a professional tool that offers an application to his clubs customers as for the Padel Infinity, the league management and league online as for the MAS LIGA in Perpignan with more than 80 teams, with a creating tables and TMC in a few clicks ...

It is also, the possibility for the players ofbuy credits online and be charged on booking like the Sportime Club d'Albi, or the creation of events with registrations and online payment and sending notifications like the Béziers Padel Club.

But this is the creating parts who makes talk! As a club manager, there's no question of finding partners for your customers, they are the ones doing it all alone in just 2 clicks as Sport-in-Park is considering in Laval ...

Today, we grew up. We propose unique and above all relevant things for the development of a club. And it's not over because our specifications are still huge ... You've understood, it's not a question of ideas to help the clubs at Gestion Sports, but a matter of time ... All our clubs benefit updates regularly and benefit from a single rate of 97 euros per month, Gift when we compare Sports Management with other tools ...

To 2019 ...

In 2019, Sports Management will explode literally!

New big clubs Padel are about to join us. Many clubs have understood the interest of having a simple and intuitive computer tool to manage and develop a club.

But it is also, for the clubs that will join us, a tool that offers specific and unique features to enable them to concretely grow steadily!

And their players will benefit from new features on their own personal accounts! Surprise…

Level communication, Sports Management will explode too ... You will find on our Facebook page all the news as well as all the clubs that will join us and most importantly, tutorial videos that will show you all the advantages of our tool ...
Our partnership with Padel Magazine will also allow you to follow our news.

Your players must feel good when they want to book or register and pay online. More and more clubs are using Sports Management and players become familiar with our interface ! They are more than 9000 players to use it ... It's not nothing ...

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.