This Saturday, the Lyonnais league once again trusted the Padel Club of Lyon to receive on the facilities of Padel Central Lyon the inter-regional qualifying championship for the French championships, regrouping the Lyonnais leagues, Dauphine Savoie and Corsica.

Unfortunately, even before the start of games, first disappointment: there will be no Corsican teams. The heck of their regional tournament judged illegal last year seems to have left traces on the island of beauty ...

The only Saturday afternoon was enough to get the final result.

In men, given the caliber of the Lyonnais entries with neither more nor less than the number 1 French FFT Justin Lopes associated with François Authier (N ° 9) and the pair N ° 1 French Pierre Etienne Morillon (N ° 2 ) / Johan Bergeron (N ° 2), the 2 Grenoble teams clearly positioned themselves as outsiders for the qualification race. The density of the Padel Lyonnais had even left on the side a European champion with the team of France last December, Simon Desliens, 3ème without demerit of the regional championship in June.

For their part, lack of infrastructure approved, the padel is slow to take off in the league Dauphine Savoie. Projects are still in progress. The best pairs of Dolphins must therefore come hard and train in the Lyonnaise region, much better provided. What the pairs Alexandre Perilhon / Jean Charles Colas Roy and Olivier Chaix / Clément Arcangelli do diligently.

It is therefore with the experience of their participation in the finals in 2015 for the first named and a valiant foolproof for the second, they went to fight.

Alas for them, the ogres Lyonnais left them only crumbs and it is for the 3th place that they clashed, Perilhon / Colas Roy confirming their regional title (7-5 6-3).

After having qualified sharply against the Grenoble, the 2 pairs Lyonnaises made the show for the 1ère place. As in June in the final of the league championships it took a great tie-break to decide between them. But this time it's Lopes / Authier who come out victorious and take their revenge (4-6 6-3 10-5).

On the women's side, there was also a gap on the paper between the experienced Virginie Pironneau / Carol Ann Lovera, who were selected many times in France and the talented Alix Collombon / Jessica Ginier on the Lyonnais side against the young Grenobloises. .

No suspense here either with only 2 games left by the Lyonnaises in 8 played games ... .. Come to learn, Alexandra Mohen / Delphine Boulle take the third place against Margaux Ravix / Marion Solli (6-1 6-1).

For first place, the experience and talent of Pironneau / Lovera still leave behind the passion and energy of Collombon / Ginier (6-4 6-1). The latter are barely 20 years have a huge potential that requires only a little work on the track to explode. Despite everything, the gap with the best is getting smaller every day and they should hurt more than one in Lille ....

If the pairs of the south are still slightly higher for both men and women, 4 Gônes and 4 Fenottes (children of the country in slang Lyonnais) qualified trained hard all year, especially in Spain for Bergeron / Morillon and are not very far from the top French level. They will be eager to show it during the finals of the French Championship in Lille in 3 weeks.

Jérôme Bécasset - PADEL MAGAZINE

Jerome Becasset

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