This is a question that would have seemed completely irrelevant last season when Maxi Arce and Franco Dal Bianco were at the height of their domination on the A1 Padel. But since the start of 2024, things have changed a lot on Fabrice Pastor's circuit, so much so that we could very soon have a new number 1.

Indeed, Gonzalo Alfonso, still undefeated this season on the A1 with Tolito Aguirre, is only 237 points behind Maxi and Franco.

You understood it, the one who qualified for the quarter-finals of the France Open yesterday with his sidekick Tolito, could pass in front of his compatriots at Beausoleil.

As a reminder, here is how the distribution of points works in an Open:

  • Winners: 1 points
  • Finalists: 600
  • Semi-finalists: 360
  • Quarter-finalists: 180
  • Eighths: 90
  • First round: 45

In other words, if Arce and Dal Bianco bow this Thursday in eighth grade, Alfonso will only need to reach the last four to take the throne of the circuit. If the number 1s lose in the quarter or half, Alfonso will have to be at least a finalist. And if Gonza' and Tolito win the title, then the 28-year-old will automatically be the new number 1 on Monday.

When we know that the second pair on the circuit have won all the tournaments since the start of the season, we say to ourselves that there are good reasons to believe it. So tell us, do you think the A1 Padel will have a new number 1 on Monday?

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