It was a match that many were waiting for: the clash between Juan LeBron / Alejandro Galan et Mike Yanguas/Fernando Belasteguin. For their third confrontation in less than three months, each team wanted victory. And it is under stifling heat in the French capital that these four players competed for the best.

A first set hung

From the start of the match, the tone was set. Neither pair was going to let each other be walked on. Very fit since the start of the competition, the number 1s displayed a great level of play but facing them stood a fully recharged Mike Yanguas and a Fernando Belasteguin ready to share his experience. Neck to neck throughout the first round, the two teams had to decide between themselves in an intense tie-break. And it was after a par 4 from Alejandro Galan that the Spaniards took the advantage, winning 7/6 during the first set.

Photo by Silvestre SzpylmaPremier Padel

Number 1s without pressure

After this tie-break won, the Galan / Lebron pair, more re-energized than ever, decided to give a big boost to overcome their opponents. More relaxed than during the first set, the Madrilenian and his partner played a solid game and imposed their rhythm in this second round. Unfortunately for the “legend of Pehuajo” and Mike Yanguas, they could do nothing to stop the Iberian machine. Well anchored in the game, the Spaniards made short work of their rivals.

Final score: 7/6 6/2.

Alejandro Galan and Juan Lebron today confirm their superiority as well as their good form since the Andalusian's return to the slopes. They thus qualify for the semi-finals of this Greenweez Paris Major 2023 and will therefore face this Saturday Paquito Navarro and Federico Chingotto, impressively easy so far.

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