Last July 4, the emblematic club Padel Horizon hosted the round table 100% padel organized by Doinsport, a day dedicated to discussion and reflection on the future of this booming sport in France. This event brought together 40 club managers, project leaders, entrepreneurs, suppliers of innovative solutions and federal representatives, from all over France: Bordeaux, Paris, Lyon, Rouen, Poitiers, and many other cities.
As a reminder, Doinsport is the French leader in digital solutions for football clubs. padel with more than 500 clients. Their innovative platform makes it easy to manage reservations, subscriptions, events and communications, allowing clubs to maximize efficiency and improve the player experience.

A clear objective: to strengthen the community of padel

The objective of this round table was to bring together the key players in the padel in France to discuss the current state of the market, growth prospects and the evolution of player expectations. This day made it possible to create a space for constructive exchange and sharing of ideas to strengthen cohesion and innovation within the community of padel.

A program rich in exchanges and conviviality

The day began with a warm welcome around breakfast, followed by a general introduction and a presentation of the participants. The morning was devoted to taking stock of the padel in France, with figures, trends and developments presented by Rémi Chevalier, Nicolas Cassignol and Anthony Durand, co-founders and partners of Doinsport.

One of the highlights of the day was the rise and fall of padel, which allowed all participants to relax and strengthen ties in a sporty and relaxed atmosphere. The barbecue organized at midday was also a great success, offering a friendly and gourmet break before resuming discussions.

Participants also had the opportunity to discover two innovative companies: SPASH (formerly NGTV Experience) et Work & Padel. SPASH specializes in video capture and broadcast solutions for football clubs. padel, making it possible to film matches, offer replays and improve the player experience through detailed video analyses. For its part, Work & Padel supports projects padel 360°, offering installation, financing, animation and complete infrastructure management services padel to maximize the effectiveness and attractiveness of clubs. These presentations aroused keen interest and numerous discussions among the participants.

The day concluded with open discussions on the future of padel in France, with inspiring ideas and projects to continue to develop this sport.

Enthusiastic reactions

The participants expressed their satisfaction and enthusiasm at the end of this day. Many highlighted the quality of the exchanges, the opportunity to meet other players in the padel and the impeccable organization of the event. “It was a day full of learning and connections. I leave with lots of ideas for my club,” said a club manager. Another attendee added: “The up-down and barbecue really helped bond and made the day memorable.”

In short, this round table 100% padel by Doinsport was a great success, and the positive feedback from participants attests to this. A big thank you to Jean-Baptiste, Fabien and Guillaume de Padel Horizon for their welcome and to all those who contributed to making this day a success. See you in a few months for the next round table Padel by Doinsport!

Would you like to participate in the next round table? Or just get the findings from that day?

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