We obviously talked more about the association of their ex-teammates, Juan Martin Diaz and Miguel Lamperti, but the young Bautista and Muñoz form a duo that seems most promising.

The two players aged 22 and 24 respectively proved it yesterday at Roland-Garros with a convincing victory against the experienced Javi Ruiz and Juan Cruz Belluati.

Desafio Punta Negra San Juan San Juan Argentina 5 de Mayo de 2023 Foto Mariano Castro Vaccarono UBICE

A 6/3 6/3 success which is all the more valuable as the Hispano-Argentinian pair arrived in good shape, she who was just one point away from bringing down Lebron and Galan in Finland!

Bautista and Muñoz therefore prove that you have to count on them! Thanks to their victory against the pair 15 of this Paris Major, they will be favorites of their meeting this Wednesday against the qualifiers Hernandez and Jimenez, who had eliminated Moreau/Salandro in previa and who dominated another pair from qualifying yesterday: Navas / Vera (6/2 6/1). A match between young athletes which promises to be explosive and which you can follow immediately after the 13 p.m. meeting on the track 6 !

To discover the rest of the program this Wednesday, it's just below:

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